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Pattern Corrections


Us humans make mistakes all the time.  Since I am human, these mistakes have been brought to my attention.  I am sorry if my haste in writing these patterns caused you any inconvinence.  I continue to work hard to bring you quality patterns full of uniqueness and charm with that North Woods Flair we all love!  Diane 


Lost in the Woods #116

Under cutting for the Black and Green fabrics that make the 4-Patch: (8) 2" strips cut into: (144) 2" squares for 4-Patch of the Chain Block. 

It should read for both colors: (8) 2" strips for the 4-Patch of the Chain Block  

     Do not cut into (144) 2" squares.  Sew the strips together as shown in Making the Chain Blocks.


Pillow Quilt #100

Cut the Tabs 8"X 32"


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